Can you please help me find a drone that can is under the budget of $300 that has smooth stable flight. It has to be FPV as well.


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You're welcome good luck!

i searched the hover drone 360 drone up i thinks thats a good chance. Now im deciding between the 360 one and the eachine racer 250 one. There may be more drones to be found... 

Yeah there are ton of them out there, just depends on what you're trying to do. I use mine for video and photos so speed isn't that important to me.

Virtually every single item on the Hover Drone website is marked as 'Sold Out'. Are they out of business or selling through dealers only?

Really though, if you don't mind buying used, classified section has a lot of good deals. Sometimes people sell barely used products for extremely low prices.

Also, just as another choice, the DJI Phantom P3 Standard is $499. Some places $479.

No not out of business, I talked to one of the customer service representatives and they told me everything is on back order. I was just lucky to get mine when I did. But if I'm not mistaken they should be taking new orders here pretty soon. I love mine, like I said before I have the Iris+ from 3DR and I prefer this one over the Iris.

Oh ok, thanks for the info.

I have several copters and think Arducopter is the best FC system out there, but am looking for a fun package that's light but good flight times and doesn't break the bank. The HD looks great for $500.

Will the base model without a remote bind with other transmitters? I looked but didn't see any mention of it.


I'm not sure about it binding with other transmitters. Cause the package I have only came with the watch, which fullly controls the drone but I'm waiting on the controller to come to really see what it can do. And one cool feature about this drone is how compact it is. The legs fold up and everything fits in a nice little carrying case that comes with it. One thing I've notcied right away is the stability of it even in pretty strong wind. If i really like I will invest in the fpv goggles as well.

I quite like the Hover Drone 360 you advised me. It looks great as well. I saw in the bronze version that it came without a transmitter for the same price as the silver version. I saw they were all sold out, and they don't sell on amazon or ebay. Which version  do you have?

I have the 499 version and no you're not gonna find it on Amazon or ebay just yet. I have a short video of it in action on youtube heres the link
And like I said before Orlando they are on back order at the moment guess they didn't anticipate the demand would be so high. But I knew it would because of the price.

They should have it on Amazon, they'll make much more profit. But for the drone's looks, quality and the package it's price is amazing. Thanks for finding that. I'll subscribe.

You're welcome and eventually I think it will be available on other sites like amazon. But one thing thougj the watch takes some getting use to. It has like a slight delay in the controls. But one plus is its convenient cause my Iris+ plus has a huge remote. Eventually I'm gonna do side by side comparison of the two drones in action.

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