Can you please help me find a drone that can is under the budget of $300 that has smooth stable flight. It has to be FPV as well.


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Not sure what you want the video for ?

Many people are seeing the drone as a camera platform, and many would be better off with a stick, possible a stick with a gimbal. For smooth video you do need a 3-axis gimbal. That is another $50-$100.

There are so many components in this. IMHO, a safe bet would be to buy a DJI Phantom P2V+ (had one of these), and it makes smooth HD video - So see if you can find one on a shelf. Otherwise the Phantom 3 standard is $500 currently. And you can get 1 hour of flight trraining included to save on parts and repairs.

I'm still doing short tuning flights still of 2 - 3 minutes.  I  did six flights yesterday with the same pack. I expect 20 minutes or more with a weight of 1400 Grams.


David R. Boulanger

Quanum Venture FPV Deluxe Quad Copter Set w/ DJI FatShark & Afro Parts (PNF).
Just add a 5ch Radio and 2200~4000 3s battery.

that kit does not include radio, rx, battery and goggles, With the required components, it will cost more than $300.

Cool but im the more sort of guy who just wants to jam a gopro on a gimbal to take smooth footage. Is the iris+ a good option?

Iris+ is no longer manufactured - you can still buy it, but it sounds like you just want something that's really plug-n-fly.

Spend $500 and get the Phantom 3:

I'm betting that you just want to mess around and do some flying. This is probably the least hassle and the right value.

Spending less will probably end up with a lot of frustration for you. Remember that you're entrusting a flying thing to keep your GoPro from breaking.  Not for $300.

If $300 is your limit, then get this:

Or this and buy a ton of batteries with what's left.

The Iris+ is a decent drone but kinda pricey. I soent like 699 on mine and i didn't even come with a gimbal or camera. This nee drone I bought the hoverdrone 360 came with carrying case, gimbal and generic action camera. The camera is similar to the go pro, but like I said its a generic brand. It takes 16mp pics and good video as well. They are on back order at the moment though. But would still be worth taking a look at, hope that helps.

I looked at the hover drone 360. The drones look good but the only problem is that they have been out of stock for a few weeks so buying one isn't possible. I checked out the DJI F450 and it looks pretty reliable. It carries a 2 axis gimbal so that means okayish footage. It is around $300 as well.

If $300 is your ceiling, you will not able to operate a $300 drone, there are other expenditure like radio,  prop, extra battery, spare parts for repairs that could double your total cost. 

Here is a full beginner 160 racer FPV kit case and all ! No FPV goggles around 300usd with 380usd

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