What happened to position hold?

'hey guys, i have been using position hold for quite some time, it is the only mode which offers position fix x and z only, why has this been removed?

I allowed me to film exactly how i wanted to film, fast ascension whilst maintaining a fixed position, loiter is just to sloppy.

Why has it been removed?

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  • Just downloaded and installed the latest APM Planner v2.0.7 from here. In the Flight mode options there are "position hold" and also the new announced "hybrid" mode. No clue if they really work if they are chosen. Unfortunately APM Planner has no "full parameter list". Anybody knows why there is APM Planner in addition to Mission Planner?

  • Same problem for me. Updated MP from 1.2.68 to 1.2.99 and arducopter from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2. No there's no position hold mode any more. Not even in the Flightmode comments in den Full Parameter List. How can I get it back?

  • No an optical flow sensor will not help, in fact it is not all that useful anymore, as far as u jbiw there i not any code work being done on it to improve it

  • Would an optical flow sensor help?

  • Found it!  But not where you'd expect. 'Position Hold' is available in the latest rel. of DroidPlanner. In fact, I just now used DP to set that mode via a 3DR radio and a Nexus 7.

    • that either means it is still in the code somewhere and has a mode # assigned (which i dont see in mission planner), or droid planner's flight modes are out of date

  • Crady von Pawlak replied to your discussion "What happened to position hold?" on DIY Drones

    Seems to be still there but buried.  In MP go to Config/Tuning then Full Parameter List and then Find the word "hold".

    It shows up as option 2 in flight modes.

    I looked but that is not there?

    • My bad.  No, it's not there.  Did they rename it?

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