I did it by accident for about 30 seconds, before I realised what the cable was. I originally thought it was the power cable to my Hawkeye receiver.

I didn't have any other power going into it at the time.

The pixhawk is a 3DR one.

I haven't tried to power it up yet since then, just waiting for some guidance from the pros first.

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  • Does anybody have any reply?

    • You could have searched the Ardupilot wiki under Powering the Pixhawk and gotten your answer at http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-powering-the-pixhawk/#advan...

      Absolute Maximum Ratings
      Under these conditions the system will not draw any power (will not be operational), but will remain intact.
      Power module input (0V to 20V) [refers to the voltage coming into Pixhawk from the power module]
      Servo rail input (0V to 20V)
      USB power input (0V to 6V)

      • Ah, awesome. I've seen that page a mill

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