As I learn more about the PID tuning this question got stuck to my head.

I have DJI Naza as well and Naza software lists all the parameters under two main Gain groups:

1.Basic Gain

2. Attitude Gains

Under the Basic Gain, you have Pitch, Roll, Yaw, and Altitude

Under the Attitude Gain, you have only Pitch and Roll

So are there all P gains that we are adjusting there? And if so, do the Basic Gain correspond to Rate_P of APM code and Attitude Gains correspond to Stabilize_P?

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  • I am not sure but I think they are not using PID algorithm for control may be they are using LQR controller or Sliding Mode controller. I am not sure about their performance but I think all these performs better than PID. May be thats why they have only gain adjustment.

  • I think what would be best for you is to read through the information on these forums. Ardupilot is very different then DJI Naza or WKM as far as editable parameters go. There are many more configurable fields in Ardupilot and it would be difficult to try to compare the 6 or so editable parameters in DJI to the multiple fields in Arducopter. I have switched all of my quads over, I am left with all APM boards and one WKM on a large s800 which I may attempt to swap again.  In my opinion, you cannot compare the gains in Naza to the fields in Arducopter, you would be better learning the tuning methods which are listed on the forums because converting or relating between the 2  in my opinion is really not possible.

    Good luck, Jeff

  • I am not looking for detailed answer; just for some guidance.

    I am pretty sure someone has the answer to this question:)

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