What's the best quad to learn how to fly?

Hey guys,

I'm member of this forum for onyl few weeks, and since then I'm thoughtfully reading several threads. I'd like to join "drone owner" club, and buy my first drone. Is out there anyone willing to help me pick right drone to start flying?

Since my budget is about $600, I think there are really good drones for this price in the market. I have searched web and read tens of reviews.. Foundend some really nice list of top 10 drones under $300 here  and I think Blade 350 QX3 would be a good pick. What do you think?

I'm in doubt of buying blade 350 qx3 or IRIS+. I see IRIS+is one of top rated drones on Drones Globe website, and it's on sale currently. So maybe it would be better to buy IRIS+ than Blade 350?

What do you guys think?



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  • There is alot of good drones under 300 but i think that the best drones for price under 300 is 

    Blade 200 QX :)

  • I'd even recommend you  the Parrot Bebop drone. Although it doesn't fit your requirements well as it's controlled within an app and the skycontroller is pretty expensive.

  • I got some really valuable experience with my Nano QX too, it's easy to bank some stick time that I wasn't getting with my Iris. But inside has it's limitations. If you really want to ramp up the piloting skills, maybe consider an RTF 250-class racer for under $400. I've been flying mine for about 9 months with FPV and have much better results now as a more confident IRIS+ pilot, and they are repair- and upgrade-friendly, so you can learn a lot (and save money) taking them apart and putting them back together. Not so much with the Blade 350.

  • hi

    i started with a blade nano qx it's a small quad with safe technology flys great a nice indoor and outdoor quad it has blade guards also  .go on you tube and watch a few videos . 

  • I have received Hubsan H4(bought it from Amazon). It's really nice experience to fly drone :) :)  I'm watching youtube tutorials and slowly learning how to fly it in safe way. I will be pro in 10 days haha

    I have contacted guys who are writing reviews at dronesglobe and asked them for few tips before I bought it.. tbh, they are very kind and helpful. They definitely made my first drone purchase much easier.

    Thanks everyone!

    DronesGlobe.com - Industry news | Drone Reviews | Buying Guides
    Industry news | Drone Reviews | Buying Guides
  • Nathaniel, Kris, thanks for your answers!


    well, I don't have any RC experience. I see your point, you're totaly right! I've watched few Hubsan X4 reviews on youtube, and it really seems to be great pick to gain some flying experience. I'll order one in few days and see how it's going ;)

    Thanks for being helpful, I appreciate it!

  • I got a mjx x600 with WiFi "fpv" camara for 67.00 USD on ebay I've replaced all 6 motors 4times now for 27 dollars or so per time but got it down now jumping straight in to a build
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    Hi Ante,

    Welcome! First you don't mention what kind of RC experience you have. That IMHO makes a big difference on what recommendation I would make. If you have a bit of experience flying fixed wing, but no experience flying rotary of any kind for example; I would advise you to get something really small and forgiving like a Hubsan X4. For less than $50 you can gain a lot of experience without a lot of investment. When you crash (and you will) it's not a big deal and won't break the bank with the Hubsan. Learing on something else might be costly!

    That's not to say it can't be done, but it's very different from flying fixed wings. The Iris+ will serve you very well, but the Hubsan won't break the bank if you crash. Also there have been some issues getting parts in a timely fashion for the Iris+ (as well as other 3DR Drones) whereas the Hubsan has tons of inexpensive 3rd party suppliers on Amazon and Ebay alone.

    Don't get me wrong the Iris+ and other 3DR multirotors are great, I own a few, but it's better to learn and get your bearings on something you won't mind crashing into the ground/walls/trees/yourself a few hundred times while you learn!

    Good luck,

    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

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