Y6 Crash (Request Log Review)

Finished my y6 kit this past weekend, have been having some fun flying it for the last few days. This is my 6th flight or so. But it ended in mild disaster. After flying it around for a bit, I was flying it down low about 6ft off the ground and 15 feet away from my family. All of a sudden, out of hover(loiter) flight, the craft experienced (unexpected) hard right roll. Being so close to my family I killed the throttle and it fell to the ground breaking a few props.

Can someone take a look at these logs and give me some guidance where  that roll may have come from?

2014-10-22 18-01-00.log

2014-10-22 18-01-00.bin

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  • The very end of the log is missing, most likely id was not written yet when power was lost due to crash.

    Shortly after line 22450  you can see ATT.Roll and ATT.DesRoll go in opposite directions.

    In other words, Arducopter tried to save the day, but there was some mechanical problem, or something that failed to provide commanded thrust:  (ESC/cables/motor/prop adapter/propeller)

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