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Jesse Shaw replied to Naoki Oishi's discussion Accelerometer Calibration Skipping Steps and Cannot Calibrate After Firmware Updates to AC3.3x in ArduCopter User Group
"I too am having this issue. I'm using a Pixhawk in a Y6 frame. Latest Mission Planner. AC 3.3.3  I've attached my tlog. 2016-06-20 20-57-40.tlog"
Jun 20, 2016
Jesse Shaw replied to Amos Olson's discussion My 3DR Y6 flipped and crashed when a motor died. Isn't the Y6 (and X8) supposed to compensate in this situation? in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"(3DR Y6, Manufactured Oct 3rd, 2014)
I had a similar crash on my 4th flight.
Apparently my right-bottom motor gave up the ghost mid-flight. I was flying low to the ground (6ft) in loiter taking taking video of my family with my gopro (I thought... I…"
Oct 27, 2014
Jesse Shaw posted a discussion
Finished my y6 kit this past weekend, have been having some fun flying it for the last few days. This is my 6th flight or so. But it ended in mild disaster. After flying it around for a bit, I was flying it down low about 6ft off the ground and 15…
Oct 22, 2014
Jesse Shaw replied to Jesse Shaw's discussion Long GPS Fix Time (Ublox LEA6)
"Yes, I returned the GPS to 3DR and the replacement solved the issue"
Jun 16, 2014
Jesse Shaw replied to Jesse Shaw's discussion Long GPS Fix Time (Ublox LEA6)
"Received my replacement GPS from 3DR today. Haven't tested it yet, but with a cursory inspection I see that the solder joints connecting the ublox chip seem to be of better quality(on my old one, some of them seemed to be missing/incomplete) . I'll…"
Sep 25, 2012
Jesse Shaw replied to Jesse Shaw's discussion Long GPS Fix Time (Ublox LEA6)
"I have RMA'd my unit to 3DR, so we'll see what happens"
Sep 17, 2012
Jesse Shaw commented on Roman Tchisler's photo
"seems like an awful lot of weight"
Sep 5, 2012
Jesse Shaw replied to Jesse Shaw's discussion Connecting 3DR ublox LEA6 module via USB
"And for anyone who comes across this thread in the future, you'll also probably need one of these https://store.diydrones.com/FTDI_GPS_Adapter_cable_15_cm_p/ca-0001-..."
Sep 2, 2012
Jesse Shaw replied to Monroe Lee King Jr's discussion Pendulum rocket fallacy and the Quadcopter in ArduCopter User Group
"this is interesting. i think that yes initially your corrections would be very small. however the problem would be when some great outside force tipped the copter too far over and it would flip. the example in my head is that of balancing an 8ft 2x4…"
Aug 24, 2012
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Aug 24, 2012