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Torrance, CA

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Naoki Oishi replied to Naoki Oishi's discussion Accelerometer Calibration Skipping Steps and Cannot Calibrate After Firmware Updates to AC3.3x in ArduCopter User Group
"Yes I am using the latest version, I suspected it is more likely the board after I tried this on both Mission Planner on my windows and APM Planner on my mac (dual boot laptop) with the same results. I am not familiar enough with the system to…"
Dec 26, 2015
Naoki Oishi posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Hello,I am having trouble diagnosing my problem after updating firmware. For AC3.3, AC3.3.1, and AC3.3.2, when I attempt calibrate the accelerometer the GUI skips steps in the calibration procedure without my keyboard input. The following occurs1)…
Dec 24, 2015
Naoki Oishi left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
"Oops, sorry I meant a Spade, which is a scaled up Z3...to a coincidentally 70" wingspan.

Oct 8, 2015
Naoki Oishi left a comment on Agricultural UAVs
"Is that a ritewing zephyr? I swear that is the exact design. I hope Chris at Ritewing is involved in that company, he designed an incredible airframe, those bays and choro design are his signature, i'd recognize it anywhere! "
Oct 8, 2015
Naoki Oishi replied to James tate's discussion Jamming Signals to Pixhawk Copter in PIXHAWK
"Remember that if you are implying jamming the GPS these systems use, thats the same ssytem the general population uses. The FCC will be very weary of allowing jamming on such frequencies for counter-UAS measures. I'd be skeptical since these…"
Oct 8, 2015