Where To Buy Pixhawk

I bought my original at 3dr and now it says out of stock.  Should I buy a fake?  I dont want to. lol!

I want to get the controller and the GPS and all the goodies.

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  • Back to "sold out" status. Not to worry as I was really checking to see if the Mini was available yet.

    Richard Joy said:

    According to their website 3DR now seems to have the Pixhawk and GPS back in stock (?)

  • According to their website 3DR now seems to have the Pixhawk and GPS back in stock (?)

  • It is now official the store will be open to full operations next month.


  • Well I finally got things moving and will soon be having a grand reopening of my store.  I will be doing some promotional sale ….I will post some info for everyone here and save you guys some money if you shop at my store.  I will be doing online sales for those that can't make it to the physical location.

  • 3D Robotics

    Will probably be announced next week

  • Do we have anymore updates on the new Pixhawk Mini. I am pretty keen cant wait :)

    Chris Anderson said:

    It is being replaced by the Pixhawk Mini, a more modern controller that's a lot smaller and has improved sensors. Should be available in about a month. 

  • thanks Im super excited,  just waiting for the landlord to approve the lease and we will have a grand re opening in about a month after I stock the store.

    Philip said:


  • Developer


  • well a small change of plans for me,  I am in the process of buying a hobby/drone store.  I will be setting up an account with proficnc and start carrying their products so I will be putting them on most my rigs.

    I will be back to let you guys know more about it as soon as the deal is finalized.

  • Any eta on GPS module? 

    I am assuming we can use any gps with pixhawk 2 (3dr, holybro, etc)?

    Philip said:

    pixhawk2 sales are live, go have a look at www.proficnc.com

    Deliveries expected in late September.
    If you go to the stores tab, you will see the growing list of resellers stocking this.

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