I've been using MK electronics for years now for my multis but have found Pixhawk and Arducopter to be a far superior product in many regards.

I want to replace all of my MK stacks with 3DR pixhawk.  

My question is this:

Should I change the MK Motor controllers over to ESCs or can I EASILY use the MK BL-CTRLs with the pixhawk?

Thanks in advance!

That being said, I do have a BUNCH of MK boards for sale :)

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  • Hi Chris, personally I'd stick with the MK motor controllers, the firmware is very solid and has far more diagnostic reporting than 95% of the BLESC's used by masses. That said, if you are looking to offload a few MK boards then your post has sparked my interest :)

    • How do I connect the BL-Ctrl to the pixhawk?  I know via I2c but how do you program, etc....


      • Easy, you just use the MKBL Ctrl  PWM out port and not anymore the I2C. I tried the I2C PX4 version before and it's not as perfect and as simple as using the PWM port. The speed of the Bl Ctrl is 500Hertz.

        Hope it help

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