Why are we not allowed to fly commercially? Seriously, give me one reason besides "safety" (This article pertains to small drone operators only - phantoms etc..)

So my guess as to why we are not allowed to fly drones commercially is because like everything else we would try to do as "Free American Citizens" that is highly regulated, we stand to make $$$ and that threatens the powers that be.

Simple solution, if someone causes damage or disrupts any sort of business, military, federal or state function...they are responsible for said damage/disruption. Fine them THEN, not when they are trying to make a life for themselves or feed their families. When threatened with fines and jail time, good people usually stay away from actions that end in those results.

The options for us as entrepreneurs and explorers are dwindling by the day and here is this new and exciting technology that is about to be taken away from us before we even understand it. Where does it stop from here? Flying cars, teleporting devices, new toasters and microwaves will all be owned and regulated only by the wealthy policy makers. We are talking about the same government that is making it illegal to feed the homeless in cities and taking the religious values that built this country out of everyday life. I am not preaching here..but if you did not notice, this country was built on the concept of being free. Free from religion, banks, monarchies, tyrants, corporations pretty much FREE! Not hard to understand...

Do not stifle the rest of our hopes and dreams and hobbies and FREEDOMS because it threatens the system. I think we can all agree the system is flawed right now anyway. Please do not tell me that is because we have too many freedoms. Go to Russia or Cuba or somewhere away from my beautiful country so we can get back to what made us the USA.

What the FAA and federal government are doing here is flat out wrong. Along with multiple other instances going on in the world right now that are just plain wrong. For the sake of argument I am trying to stay on topic and just express my feelings that I should be allowed to try and create a new business for myself devoid of an oppressive government or federal agency.

I am causing harm or damage by taking a video of my house that a want to sell...give me a break.

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Amen to that, Hal. 

Excellently put.

If every muppet with a phantom etc was allowed to go into business with absolutely no oversight, the airspace would quickly become total lethal anarchy.  There would be very dangerous machines flying near people and planes with no regard to safety, drawn out by a quick buck or even unintentionally through well meaning ignorance.  The FAA is not only trying to keep a lid on this as best they can, but saving the industry from itself as more and more people get into it with less and less of an idea of what they're doing.

Hello Shane,
Be thankful you don't live in my area. I have been happily flying for years when suddenly I can be arrested for flying in my back yard of my 1 acre lot. I live just outside of the Washington DC area in the suburbs. I am about 8.5 miles from the center of the new "no fly" circle imposed by the FAA. The center of the circle is not the White House or even the Capitol, it is Washington DC's Reagan National Airport's control tower.

Ask yourself, why is it an airport center? The intent is to protect our countries most valuable and important real estate. But why is the center at the airport? Why not the Capitol?
I would NEVER fly my UAV anywhere near anything important to our government or secured in any way. I am simply a hobbiest who wants to fly. I now have to drive several miles to find a safe place away from home. I will do it because the law requires it, I am a responsible citizen and I have never violated anyone's privacy or damaged any property and I will not do so.

The move to make the airport tower the center I believe is a move that the FAA will release soon where they will close down the airspace anywhere within 10 miles of ANY class "C" airport (the big) airports.

I am a private pilot and understand most of the rules, I have always done what the FAA has told us to do.

Where I live we have a major hospital a mile away and we have helicopters going to and from (at their standard altitude, 400 feet above ground), knowing this I have always stayed low and out of everybody's way. Now the dear leaders have gone the next step and pushed us out further.
The proposed rules by the FAA Concerning UAVs will be released in the next 2 months or so. I hope that I am wrong but I'll bet they will say "No flying anywhere within 10 miles of ANY major (Class C) airport". This is my wild guess, nothing is certain....

Being a licensed Pilot using FPV when flying I should be a low risk. Being a responsible citizen who loves his country I recognize the need for safety and security. I would just like to tinker with my toy without having to drive way out away from populated areas. I sure do hope that the FAA will help us who want to enjoy this new hobby without putting undue burdens on us.
God Bless the USA!

I am causing harm or damage by taking a video of my house that a want to sell...give me a break.I am causing harm or damage by taking a video of my house that a want to sell...give me a break.

Recreational and hobby use of drones is free.

Commercial use of drones is regulated by law since you can make real money

and stakeholders try to clos market to not let third parties to join in.


We are slowly losing our freedom to agencies. We are supposed to be governed by the people we elect so if they get out of line we can vote them out. However now we are controlled by agencies like the EPA and IRS of which we have no control over. It's WAY out of control. 

The media is way off base about toy helicopters [ aka droves ] and freaking people out so of course the governemnt will step in and pass insane regulations. I've had people come up to me asking about if I had a camera and of course I said yes sometimes but it's not worth it most of the time all you see is tree tops and roof tops. Because of the misinformation people think we have Nasa quality camera's and can look in people windows. lol It's just stupid. Regarding safety and full size aircraft that too is blown out of proportion as birds and ducks or geese are far more of a threat and how ofter have you heard of a crash from that. All that is required is some common sense but that's not what the government will do based on years of observations on other issues. Remember there is never a problem that doesn't exist the government can't step in and tax and mess up. 

It pretty clear what serious commercial UAV operators are deciding to do right now. Learning everything they can about the FAA regulations so they can file a well-prepared exemption request that will be granted. They'll be making real money flying UAVs soon. 

Complaining about the regulations is another decision option.

Everyone here is free to consider the desired outcome and then decide. 

Recreational and hobby use was defined in 2012. The FAA cannot change that. Fly under those "guidelines" and there is not an issue. However when you charge or gain compensation you do not fall under those guidelines. I would guess "if" the FAA could change the 2012 hobby use guidelines they would. I do not think anyone envisioned the drone capability and reckless operators that now exist. You can join in like anyone has the option to do by applying for a 333 exemption. All commercial operators that are legal have one.

Hi Christopher,

Keep in mind that the vast majority of us do not live in close proximity to some of the most sensitive airspace in the world, so your flying conditions are way out on the end of the bell curve. Conflating these unique UAS restrictions and your personal inconvenience with life under a North Korean dictatorship did give me a laugh though.

Most businesses know nothing of the regulations. 
I've met a few people in the past month or so, all using drones for their business.  Photographers, real estate agents, and a construction company.  None of them are "in to" them, the way I am, so don't read the news or forums about them.   I've asked if they've looked in to the FAA regulations, and they all have no idea...  Only one of them cared.   One said "lets see them try to regulate me" and the other said "I'd like to see how they expect to enforce that". 

I think it's safe to say most businesses using drones do not have a license, and won't for a very long time.  They honestly don't know anything about the process.. they just buy a tool to use for their business, and use it. 

To force companies to go through this process to use a simple tool will kill all the small businesses using them, and then only "serious commercial UAV operators" will be allowed to use them.  And that is not fair, in any way.  They're simple tools and people running construction or whatever businesses shouldn't have to get a pilot license or anything to use a tool on their own job sites. 

Business owners such as you refer to should already be used to abiding by all kinds of regs that affect their businesses already, so this should not be anything new.

In fact, most unboxing videos I've seen, show that drone manufacturers include some kind of warning about checking into applicable laws governing the operation of this equipment.

To say that "Most businesses know nothing of the regulations"  is no justification for anyone to assume that regulations do not exist.

Interesting example.  I suspect that business owners that are flying a small UAV within LOS and less than 400' AGL are not violating 14 CFR part 91.  Even flying a manned aircraft in furtherance of a business where flying is not the main endeavor does not require a commercial certificate.  Where any pilot, UAV or manned aircraft needs the certificate is to be compensated for flying.  Part 91, and part 119 of title 14 CFR list specific activities that are not considered commercial operations, aerial photography, surveys, game management, etc are examples.  A real estate agent using a UAV to photograph a property for advertising is probably OK, where a person he might hire to do the same thing for him would need the certificate and exemptions.  This is the same situation as a small company that buys a small plane so the people can save travel time.  The principles can fly themselves to a meeting with private pilot certificates, but if they hire a pilot to fly them he must be commercially rated.

my 2 cents on that one. (a 40 year commercial pilot and CFII)


I just wanted to know if Canada will be the same dilemma. Since I haven't heard anything from FAA Canada yet.

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