Why is Handling and Shipping from DYI Dornes so slow?

It took over two days to pack a small order and than another two days to hand my package to Fedex.

I would not mind but I am forced to pay for Fedex SECOND DAY shipping (expensive) and than have to wait effectively 9 days though DIyDrones induced delays. I feel that is not fair.

All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location
Aug 17, 2012 6:55 PM
Left FedEx origin facility
Aug 17, 2012 5:09 PM
Picked up
Aug 15, 2012 6:10 PM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

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What did you order? And was it ordered over a weekend?

OMG!  It took two whole days to ship your order?  You're right, that's terribly unfair.  If it's not shipped in 30 minutes or less it should be free.

Snarky comments aside, this is still a problem. I ordered an in-stock gps on 1/8 in the morning. As of 1/11 it is still listed as processing. I've ordered a similar product at 9:00PM on a SUNDAY from readymaderc.com and it was shipped THAT NIGHT. Within minutes. I had it on Tuesday morning. My diydrones.com order had 2 day shipping, but as the author above points out, what is the use of paying for faster shipping if it is going to take several days just to stick in a box and slap a label on? One of the advantages of diydrones over the chinese clone makers is that it has in-country distribution. Why squander that with an inept shipping department?

This is not a one-time deal for me; my APM2.5 order a few weeks ago shipped out with the wrong GPS, and I had to deal with returning the gps and waiting for the new one to come.


I think there is still catching up being done from when they were closed the week after Christmas.  I made several orders late this past summer and they shipped in one to two days (I also pay for 2nd day air as I'm on the east coast and not patient :-) ), made another order on black friday and it shipped in one to two days, but then made an order the first week in december that took over a week to ship.  I questioned it and was told their black friday sale that lasted that whole weekend backed them up really bad, my black friday order must have been one of the first since it shipped quick but that one I made the next week ran into interference from them trying to catch up.  My last order was made Jan2 just for some small parts (screws, nuts, connectors, props, and legs) and once again it took eight days to ship (it shipped last night) so now I'm not getting the stuff until this coming Monday after paying for 2nd day air making the total time almost two weeks.  When I inquired about this order sitting for a week without shipping I was told they are still backed up in orders and trying to hire more people to help with their increased orders which I assume is due to the holiday season, being closed a week, and recent exposure of their products.  I guess what I'm saying is while I'm not thrilled by the handing of my last couple of orders I'm optimistic that this will improve once this hump is gotten over and it will be back to the way it was this past summer when my orders did ship the same or next day.

Ok, I'm glad they know it is a problem. Feedback is important for any business, and how they respond tells a lot about the company. 

Hi Tom, we are aware of the issue and we're working to finish our backlog.  Like Jeff mentioned we were closed during the holidays and there were no shipments made during that week.  As we came back, we started shipping orders in the same order as they were placed.  We had a notice about the closure and shipping dates on our front page. I'll make that available again to avoid any confusion.  I apologize for the delay caused, if you have any other concerns about your order, please send an email to sales@3drobotics.com or send me a message with your info.

I'm glad you guys are on it. Thanks for getting back with me. Sorry for the public rant.

We had a notice about the closure and shipping dates on our front page.

FYI, that doesn't work when someone follows a link to a particular area of the store from diydrones.com's store menu. Anyway, I do appreciate you guys- just an observation and some feedback for you.

My APM shipped 2 days after they got back from their winter break. It came fast. Haven't had any problems yet.

I will say I think they should post the order number being filled mid-day or at the end of each day for us to compare our orders to.  Once again I've got an order that's a few days old and have no idea when it's going to ship, it would have been nice to see what the current order# is each day to kind of know when to expect it to ship.

I'd like some advice from the community about problems I've had with the 3DRobotics shipping department. The whole process has been a complete fail and they are so unresponsive that I feel compelled to try to seek help from a public forum.

I tried to place an order for a GPS unit. I paid for 2 day shipping. It was a simple one-item order, but for some reason the transaction erred when I tried to complete it. I never received a confirmation email, so I placed the order again, thinking the first one never processed. I did receive a confirmation email for the second GPS. 

For reasons apparently related to the holiday season, it took a WEEK to ship the GPS. When it arrived, however, there were actually two separate, identical packages, each containing a GPS unit. My credit card was also charged twice. 

I sent an email to 3dRobotics asking to return one of the GPSs on January 22nd. I got an automated "Thank you for contacting the 3D Robotics Help Desk. We are currently expanding our staff and we will get back to you with a response in a timely matter. Cheers, The 3D Robotics Support Team" 

and then nothing since. Today is February 1st. I guess 'timely matter' (or 'timely manner') mean different things to 3dRobotics; for me, it means a human response within 24 hours. 

What do I do? Open a dispute with my credit card company?

Just a suggestion but I would PM Lorenzo from the 3DR - his info is in one of the earlier responses to this thread. If you can't get it figured out maybe ill buy it from you. I bought a uBlox GPS unit and its not working and trying to get it straightened out through service. Submitted email yesterday.

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