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Professor of psychology in a Big 10 school

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Cognitive Science (my area) could learn a lot from 3d robotics.



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Tom Busey replied to Kevin Hester's discussion Andropilot - discussion for Android ground controller users/developers
"I'm not sure if this is the correct place to discuss this, but I'm trying to compile under ubuntu 12
I can follow the instructions up until here:
~/development/arduleader$ git submodule updateCloning into 'scandroid'...remote: Counting objects: 193,…"
Aug 18, 2013
Tom Busey replied to Tom Busey's discussion Strange output on uBlox LEA-6H GPS
"I solved this problem. I didn't disable the primary gps on the apm 2.0 with the solder drop:
I also forced the ublox gps to be detected by turning off autodetection."
Feb 11, 2013
Tom Busey commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post Project 'Volare' on Kickstarter
"Plenty of challenges, but "we plan to rigorously test," so, ok then. Problem solved."
Feb 10, 2013
Tom Busey posted a discussion
I have a uBlox LEA-6H gps as an external GPS for an APM 2.0. I get great locks and the GPS coordinates are approximately correct, but the output is strange. I have a custom datalog routine to save all the gps data.It starts out ok:Timestamp…
Feb 10, 2013
Tom Busey replied to Hawhoo's discussion Why is Handling and Shipping from DYI Dornes so slow?
"I'd like some advice from the community about problems I've had with the 3DRobotics shipping department. The whole process has been a complete fail and they are so unresponsive that I feel compelled to try to seek help from a public forum.

I tried…"
Feb 1, 2013
Tom Busey commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Reprocessing Old Aerial Photos
"Thanks. How much overlap does photoscan require across images to give the results you show? 50%? I assume it needs some overlap to recover the depth relations. "
Jan 10, 2013
Tom Busey commented on Jeff Taylor's blog post Reprocessing Old Aerial Photos
"Is it important to have the camera aimed at a 45 degree angle or straight down? Or can I just use the footage from my front-facing gopro off my FPV plane?"
Jan 10, 2013
Tom Busey replied to Shyam Balasubramanian's discussion Triggering a Camera: APM or Arduino
"In some cases it is desirable to retract the lens during takeoff and landing. I just solved this using CHDK. See the blog post here:


Note that this is a stock SX230 with no…"
Jan 10, 2013
Tom Busey replied to Steven Neufeld's discussion Cheap Search and Rescue UAV - any recommendations?
"If you want to take baby steps, see this build:

Dec 14, 2012
Tom Busey commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Please welcome ArduPilotMega 2.0!
"Does anyone know what voltage ranges the APM 2.0 will take, and how many mAh it draws?"
Feb 9, 2012
Tom Busey commented on Paul Mather's blog post ArduIMU 1.8.1 Posted
"This is great. The two things I found most confusing when working with this code was how to set the flags and why we have to divide and multiply things like the altitude and ground speed by 100. HappyK's emulator makes it incredibly easy to debug,…"
Oct 16, 2010
Tom Busey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPilot (Legacy) main page
"If you get this error with the config tool when trying to run a mission "If you can read this, your browser is not compatible with Google Maps" make sure you install Internet Explorer 7."
Oct 16, 2010
Tom Busey commented on Sys-Ak's blog post Crash 4 Sure: integrated Autopilot & OSD
"RemzibiOSD is closed only in that he doesn't publish the source code. He sold me 3 bare boards for about $7 each and I soldered the boards (came in handy when I had to replace a chip that got zapped by static when I picked up the plane after a…"
Sep 26, 2010
Tom Busey replied to Ritchie's discussion Flight modes
"Does anyone know if it is possible to add more than three modes to the control modes? I have a proportional dial on channel 7 on my hitec eclipse 7 and I would love to be able to do manual, stabilize, waypoints and RTL on the same flight."
Sep 12, 2010