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Hi all,Just wondering whether there's any particular advantage (with the arducopter software for example) for using a '+' configuration over an 'x' or vice versa; or is it just personal preference?

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  • I still couldn't figure things out... is 'RIGHT' part of the front motors or the back motors?
  • Developer
    Yes currently Configurator shows axis wrong way if you have X-mode activated. This will be hopefully fixed on next releases as mentioned early.
  • Hi,

    which direction the board mounts is the same to me, but using x configuration the Configuration Tool shows wrong axis.
    Calibrating the tx I had to reverse roll, but motors behave then wrong. So if roll is set right, on calibration tool it is showed reversed.
    Gyros are only showed on their original axis. It would be more useful if they were showed in the right flight axis, as ground check tool. Better if there were a choice to check right copter behavior and check gyros / acc with a user settable choice (check copter axis, check single gyro / acc button).

  • Thanks for the quick answers.

    @Chris: May be 'reassamble' sounds exzessiv. But in may case there is not enough place to rotate the IMU. My mounting plate is to small to rotate the IMU. The plate is not round it is rectangularly.

    @Randy: Sounds good. But now I have to decide if I should build a new mounting plate or should I wait until this option is implemented in the code. There are a lot of options in the code which could be misinterpreted ()by noobs). But 'IMU-Orientation' is easy to understand. (for me) :-)

    By the way. For me it looks a little bit crazy if the IMU points not to the direction of flight.
  • mmh, means all existing x-configured Quads must be reassembled (new IMU orientation).
    Or is there a plan to put something like an 'IMU-orientation' in the code.

  • Hi,
    Yes, this is also my question. Is it possible with the current NG code to flight in X-mode while the IMU points between the front motors?
    I think most of the existing x-configured Quads are build with the IMU between the motors (with the exception of the org./new DIY frames). I didn't found in the code something like 'IMU-orientation'.

    Very good project!!! Keep it up!


  • Hi,

    it's not clear to me if, choosing x configuration, APM should be mounted like on the pictures (45° respect flight direction), or toward flight direction like on APM instructions ?


  • Developer
    Yes like Knuckless904 said.. it's more or less personal desire. People who have flown a lot oh helicopters feel more comfortable flying on + due you have clear Nose / Tail. Also I would say that it is more visual way to fly full acro or freefly. Depending on camera mounts and general design of quads, you may or may not see one your arm in video.

    For photography X is a lot better for various reasons. First, you have a lot wider angle (FOV) and in best setups you don't see your arms at all. Even if you see them, they are somewhere on top of your picture and side so center area is clean. Second, if you have heavier camera balancing front lift is easier due you have 2 motors that are lifting it. Tho you should always mount your equipment in way that quad/hexa/octo is balanced.

    For me, I find + easier to fly due I've earlier have flown a lot of traditional helis but I'm starting to like X too. X will be also good for FPV.

    ArduCopter's Nr.1 (+) & Nr.2 (x)

  • Personal preference mainly. + is a little easier to visualize what the copter should be doing, while x is more useful for copters with cameras (no pesky front arm obscuring view)
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