X-Plane simulator / APM 2.0 problem

I need your help. I am a novice owner of APM 2.0
Using the X-Plane simulator. I can control the RC model of equipment but I can not run on autopilot (Auto or Stabilize mode ) while I mission planner set parameters.
You can write to me what I did wrong that it did not work. I uploaded model Parm. Annex two photos. The first general settings. The second is a description of the APM 2.0 out controls.

I use Mission Planner 1.2.35 mav 1.0
Arduplane V 2.68 (2.70 did not work - I coudn't connect corectly - Conection error).



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  • I meet the same problem , if anyone can help ,please write to me   thanks

    my email:  87040109@qq.com

    • Hey QQ,

      I know it was a while ago, but did you find a solution to the problem?


  • APM is connected to the channel 6 to the receiver.


  • Hi Majkel,

    Are you using X-Plane 10?

    I am currently flying X-Plane 9 on an APM1 using Arduplane 2.68 and MP 1.2.35 mav 1.0 with no problems.

    I notice that you have no GPS fix, have you enabled the GPS on the configuration page of Mission Planner.

    Do you have full control when you fly in manual?


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