Had a very odd thing happen...


- windows 7

- plugged in xtremebee usb.

- kept getting behavior as if the right mouse button was being pressed

- apm could not connect over xbee link


I opened the "Devices and Printers" window on the control panel, and it seems Windows 7 was thinking the xbee was a mouse.


I looked at various settings to see if there was a "this is not a mouse" button.  I didn't change anything, but it seems to have fixed things.

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I had the same situation, my xbee name was Microsoft Ballpoint Mouse or something like this.

One way I found to  omit this is to put only adapter to usb port, click connect and then put the xbee into adapter.

The worst was I couldn't even do something because mouse moved in random directions. 

yes, windows does this from time to time. It decided to install the mouse drivers over top the FTDI drivers.

Remove the "mouse" device, and then reinstall the FTDI drivers.

Sometimes windows fights more and refuses, be patient and persistent.


Oh, and read http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/getting-past-coming-down-with-s... 

You may find that you are not alone ;)

Question: Was the quad-side xbee powered up when you plugged in the pc-side xbee?

In my case, iI believe this is the general sequence...

My best recollection is that I was waking a suspended windows 7 from sleep. After it had been suspended, I removed the xbee while moving the laptop, and I did not reattach the xbee until after it woke.

After it woke, I saw the ominous "Windows has installed ..." message. Plugging in the xbee no longer worked. I fought with windows for two hours to remove the "mouse" device and reload the FTDI drivers. 

For anyone ending up on this thread looking for a solution:

Mark forwarded me a theory and fix from another thread. I can confirm that the workaround solves the issue for me.

The theory: If the APM and Xbee are sending data when the PC xbee is plugged in, the com port receives data from the get go and Windows somehow indentifies it as a ball point device.

The workaround:

1) APM/Xbee must be turned off

2) Power PC and plug in Xbee in USB

3) Com port should show up in device manager, ball point device should not (under Mice)

4) Power APM/Xbee

5) done...


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