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f8 replied to Rich's discussion Pixhawk Mini Camera Trigger
"Maybe I'm wrong but It is a option in regular Pixhawk to set one channel of main out port to be a trigger, I think when MissionPlanner will handle pix mini that will be possible. It cannot be set from QgroundControl "
Dec 30, 2016
f8 replied to Chad's discussion Pixhack error: Check BRD_TYPE: no lsm303d found
"Yesterday I had the same problem and the same errors but with 3DR Pixhawk Mini. I tried to set BRD_TYPE manualy but then it shows other error msg, something about other sensor, I don't remember. Now I have firmware from QGroundControl and it works…"
Dec 30, 2016
f8 posted a discussion
How to set up third and fourth aileron in APM. I have tried setting rc_6_funct and rc_5_funct in GCS together and it’s working when I set only one. I want to set 4 ailerons through APM mission planner like it's in manual but I see I must do it by…
Apr 11, 2012
f8 replied to Alfred Riopel's discussion JR 12ch receiver not recognized by ACM in ArduCopter User Group
"Can you try connecting every other channel( only odd channels)?
It can be the same problem as I have:
Nov 27, 2011
f8 replied to Mark Harrison's discussion xtremebee usb thinks it's a mouse?
"I had the same situation, my xbee name was Microsoft Ballpoint Mouse or something like this.
One way I found to  omit this is to put only adapter to usb port, click connect and then put the xbee into adapter.
The worst was I couldn't even do…"
Oct 12, 2011
f8 replied to f8's discussion RX-7-SYNTH reciever

I connected my mpx receiver to scope and I found the difference. In my spectrum every channel rise after fall of another. In this multiplex channels starts  rising in half of previous channel. 
So I'm still waiting for some help, I dont know AVR…"
Sep 29, 2011
f8 posted a discussion
Hello, I have a rx-7-synth multiplex reciever and it doesn't work with my ardupilot mega.I found that it can generate pwms in another way, it starts all pwm signals i one moment and ends each depends on value (1-2ms), not like other receivers that…
Sep 26, 2011
f8 commented on Krzysztof Bosak's blog post Polish counterpart of Outback Challenge: MIWL Bezmiechowa 2010 (7th edition)
"We are on DIY Drones - prestige ^^
Adeli2 weights 3.4kg for maiden flight. With avionics, fpv systems, parachute it raises to 4.7kg.
We achive such small weight thanks to moulded parts made of carbon-fiber and stress calculations to minimalize mass."
Sep 29, 2010
f8 commented on Magnus's blog post First testflight with APM (Updated with a few Twinstar installation photos)
I have Aerocom 896 too but my can work on maximum 57600 baudrate. APM telemetry works on 115200 speed, can I change serial baudrates and APM will work with standard AP GCS?
If yes how to do that?"
Sep 8, 2010