Yaw odd behaviour in 2.0.32

Finally I have solved my problems with the quad turning left and right without touching yaw stick... Don't know if the key is latest ACM versions or the fact that I mount the APM/IMU over foam to reduce vibrations... in any case, now I can abuse of pitch/roll sticks and yaw is rock steady!


Unfortunately, I have a new problem :(


I can yaw to the right (although very, very lazy) and when I release the stick the quad stops the turn but when I yaw to the left (and release the stick) the quad spins but it does not stop!!


I tried with YAW_OPTION = 0 and 1,  and also STAB_YAW_P between 0.3 - 0.7 without success.


I attach the log, where you can see four attempts to yaw to the right (the first two were not able to produce a real movement), a first yaw to the left that worked ok and a second yaw to the left that produces a not stop spin (more than 360º) until I have to take off!


Hope that someone can have a look at the log!

03-07-11 06-35 1.log

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  • hey

    guys can someone review my log pls
    it would b a great help
    i have the same issue as Jose


    04-07-11 09-09 1.log

    04-07-11 09-09 3.log

  • Just to be clear i meant like which value is the yaw set point (nav_yaw i guess), whats yaw_debug and so on. That's not so easy to read from the log file.
  • Jason, thanks for taking your time reviewing my log.
    I will check again all the structure.

    Maybe you could add some guidance to the troubleshoot section of the wiki regarding the logs. For instance, howto check if your frame is well balanced from the logs?

    Everyone should learn howto to debug a copter based on a log.

  • Developer
    3692232861?profile=originalI looked at the log you sent. Your copter is yawing left very hard and is out of balance. It's trying to hold a 104° yaw but it's hanging around 89° That means your copter is using 60% of it's Yaw power to try and maintain it's position. That's pretty bad and needs to be fixed. You'll see all kinds of odd behaviors, even on pitch and roll with that issue. Look at all your motors and find the torqed ones.
  • Visually are ok... I checked with some friends and they also think they are ok.

    I don't know if I would be able to distinguish if the arm is twisted 1 or 2 degrees.
    Any trick to check it with accuracy?
  • Developer


    Did you check that all motors are horizontal ?

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