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like to create what is in my head.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

My interest is in Arducopter. They just amaze me

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Rob. S posted a discussion
Hi guyi have been bouncing around some ideas with myself to create an ardu-copter-plane.mechanically i beleve it can be done, but with software im not sure if the ardupilot can cope.it has all the senses to control it all.i believe that hardest part…
Dec 3, 2012
Rob. S commented on Rob. S's blog post JETPAX Quad frames.
"-Frames weighs 210g motor to motor 430mm
And the frame can carry up to 5kgs.

-the frames r for the open source community. So teams that develop auto pilots and need a frame for there boards I will distribute to them only.

-Nah it wasn't props, it…"
Jan 19, 2012
Rob. S posted a blog post
Quad is made from a combo of fusion plastics and carbon fibre.This is a parts and build video of the framei will be continuing to test this frame out crashing it dropping it and other crazy flying mishaps that happan when you fly quads.this frame is…
Jan 19, 2012
Rob. S posted a discussion
hey guysi have a hexa setup custom framecode.42mission planner.67my issue is that im about to take off all 6 motors are running the next thing i know 2 motors stop runningin random order they dont sound like there running at the same rpm either,…
Sep 20, 2011
Rob. S commented on Jason Short's blog post Arducopter 2.0.40 preview
"hey guys thx jason you have fixed camera stablization it looks great thanks again"
Sep 2, 2011
Rob. S posted a discussion
I would like to hook up 2 4c batteries do I Need to change anything on my set up I have the stock 20amp esc's.
Aug 30, 2011
Rob. S posted a discussion
i have started a couple of form discussions about camera stablization but i was givenjust ajust -1 or 1on RC-CP rev i have posted a vid of wat i got.pls help me outdoes there need to be a code aadjustmentGIMBAL TEST.m4v
Aug 24, 2011
Rob. S replied to druckgott's discussion Camera Stabilisation reverse
"Hey wat code u using. If .38 good luck. I have try it doesn't work for me."
Aug 19, 2011
Rob. S posted discussions
Aug 10, 2011
Rob. S left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"hey guys i want to reverse camera stablization i have place RC_CP_rev to -1 and it doesnt work anyone else got any ideas"
Aug 10, 2011
Rob. S replied to Shawn's discussion Constant Yaw issue
"i have the same issue
i enable compass and i even do the offsets manually
i go for first flight after that it flys alright as soon as i land it starts goin ccw 45,90,180 degrees on takeoff
i turn the compass off and the copter flys great.
to me it…"
Jul 11, 2011
Rob. S posted a discussion
hey guyscan i edit my declination in cli mode or do i have to go though the mission planner again?? 
Jul 11, 2011
Rob. S replied to Jose Angel's discussion Yaw odd behaviour in 2.0.32
guys can someone review my log plsit would b a great helpi have the same issue as Jose
 04-07-11 09-09 1.log04-07-11 09-09 3.log"
Jul 4, 2011
Rob. S replied to Rob. S's discussion cant find the right PID setting
"Just another Question to add to this could it b my esc's at the moment its all default?
wat changes should i make to them??"
Jun 27, 2011
Rob. S posted a discussion
i just cant seem to get my pids righti drop P,D down to like 0 and its lil bit less than ok but then i have no control over itint/max works a lil if i drop that bak here is a video pls give me ur thoughtsquad.mov
Jun 27, 2011
Rob. S replied to Rob. S's discussion throttle and yaw action
"sorri sebastian i cant control a quad and video record at the same time
i have been play with the D pid in yaw stable and increased it to 0.2 and it has smoothed it out quiet abit is it normal to have to increase it that much?
Jun 25, 2011