A group for both those who are fortunate to be actively printing parts with their printers or online services, and those just interested.  

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  • Blender file with the extruded wing for Harry:


  • Ignore that last message, I was on the wrong group. ;-)

  • I'm new in the group....I'm peruvian, from trujillo

  • Yeah, dammit.  I just got the hero 2 as well :)  Oh well.  One more thing to add to the list.  I'm already in too deep with this hobby to turn back now.  Hopefully I will get everything finalized soon.  I got a couple weeks off work so I went home to Colorado for a bit.  If anyone is interested here are the sketchup files I have so far.

    Quad%20X.skp Quad%20X%20Mockup.skp

  • Great start Mike!  

    If you haven't seen it already, the new Hero 3 is out, and it's a pile of awesome stuffed into a smaller and lighter package, which means a new gopro holder of course...  Of course I had just gotten the hero 2, sigh.  

  • Here is my work so far on my 3D printed quadcopter.  It is a work in progress so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.  I will be adding the GoPro mount soon as well as the landing gear pads.  Any other parts that should be designed? 3D Quad

  • Sup yall.  So far the only thing I have designed is a pod to mount a wheel on planes.  I had one printed from shapeways and mounted it to my FPV raptor. Weight of the pod assembly with tape and a wheel, tipped the scale at 16 grams.  

    It should hopefully prevent the camera getting smashed in a Spyhawk also. 

  • I don't have a 3d printer but I think that is a really cool idea. You could print custom 3d parts for people for a small fee. Now that would be awsome.

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Be careful with 3D printers in crowdfunding campaigns

Be careful  to buy 3D printers in crowdfunding campaigns !One of the most commons errors that startup companies do is to sell at too much low prices their printers in the crowdfunding campaign .Then they will do not have enough money to build and ship the printers when  some extra cost arise, i.e. the express courier do not maintain shipping quote.The more they succeded with the campaign the more they will have problems to ship the printers.With the paradoxically  situation where you'll find in…

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Free 3D printed 250 Class FPV Cruiser Download

Hi AllBelow is a link to a free download. to download you need to sign-up to the website STLhive.comhttp://www.stlhive.com/shop/drones/meteor-fpv-quadcopter-m1-250/The design is a little heavy because EVERY single part is 3D printed. The design is intended for beginners and students.CheersShaneStlhive_FPV_00155_Ph4.jpg

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3D printed drones without wires/solder!

Hi group,I'm looking for a small/micro quadcopter design that has potential to have its wires and soldered connections replaced with fully 3D printed circuits and power traces.Our company, www.functionalize.com, would like to provide samples of our highly conductive F-Electric PLA filament and another yet unreleased highly conductive (even more so, actually) material we believe can do the job. Our web page shows recent examples of printed Arduino-compatible processor sockets, dual layer circuit…

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