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  • Did you end up finding any carbon tubes ?? I dont believe proper carbon ( as distinct from black resin colored ones )  are available. 

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    Actually, whilst I remember.  Does anyone know a good place in Adelaide for carbon sheeting and tubes?

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    We can get you some Red bull Jimmy if your wit and charisma aren't enough. (:

    I just finished a UAV tour of mainland Europe so have some interesting things to talk about - and would be interested in your thoughts.

  • I'm in too if there's a meet up, but I don't have any flying things at the moment; I guess that my wit and charisma will have to do instead!

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    Nice Dave - great to hear! (:  Is Dronemetrex yours?  And yes, let's meet up somewhere...  I'm right near Adelaide airport.

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    Good to see some activity here guys. (:

    Dave, can I ask who you're working with?  I didn't know there were many UAV CASA ops in Adelaide.  I travel quite a bit with work (UAVs and my other job) but will be there for the election actually so maybe we can have a meet up / fly-in?  Would be great to see what's happening.

  • Dave,

    Thanks very much, that really does sound like the things that I'm interested in!  If you need a willing sidekick at all in the evenings or weekends please let me know, I'd love to come along.  I'll PM my details.


  • Hey all, I'm in Mawson Lakes and have unfortunately left my SteadiDrone Quad in the UK with my aerial photography business.  I'd like to keep my hand in over here if anyone is doing anything interesting.  I have a reasonable amount of experience flying and maintaining the Quad with APM 2.5 and building a Skywalker X5 with APM, but I have also been forced to leave that in the UK with the company before reaching fruition.  I'm particularly interested to see if anyone is operating a fixed wing APM aircraft.



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    Could be worth a look .......
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    Hi Kirk, might be an idea to link to your post. (:

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New tiger motor distributor - opportunity to pick up some new high quality gear

Hey guys - in order to support the designing and building projects / business I have, I have just become a Tiger Motor distributor.  I have just sorted out my first order, but thought I would throw it open to the group in case anyone wanted / needed some of the cool new motors / props / ESCs that Tiger have just released - seeing that there's a package coming anyway and Tiger gear can be harder to come by.If you are serious about your copters, I would suggest looking at the U series of motors…

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