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Dave Malcolm replied to David Anders's discussion New tiger motor distributor - opportunity to pick up some new high quality gear in Adelaide
"Hi David ,
Just wondering if you went ahead with the T Motor distributor  venture ?
Regards David Whitten."
Apr 28, 2015
Dave Malcolm left a comment on Adelaide
"Did you end up finding any carbon tubes ?? I dont believe proper carbon ( as distinct from black resin colored ones )  are available. "
Mar 24, 2015
Dave Malcolm replied to Nikhil Rametra's discussion How to get my Apm 2.6 board connected to my receivers and do I need telemetry?
You do not need telemetry to fly with this board .The telemetry allows you to have further options such as changing the flight plan in the air ,uploading new perams, ect without having to use the USB cable to connect to your computer.
Mar 25, 2014
Dave Malcolm posted photos
Feb 23, 2014
Dave Malcolm left a comment on Adelaide
Could be worth a look ......."
Oct 26, 2013
Dave Malcolm posted a photo
Aug 18, 2013
Dave Malcolm replied to Sugeng Priyono's discussion Problem with motor in ArduCopter User Group
"Is the green LED on the board still flashing ? or is it on all the time ?. make sure you are arming the system with rudder
command to make the green LED on all the time -not flashing."
Dec 13, 2011
Dave Malcolm replied to Alfred Riopel's discussion Missing reverse parameter in ArduCopter User Group
"I kept getting the same message until I reversed the params. in the planner software instead of the Transmitter."
Dec 11, 2011
Dave Malcolm replied to Scott Swanson's discussion Advice for Selecting ESCs for Quadcopter in ArduCopter User Group
"The Turnigy Plush 25  gets my vote too !! You can get a programing card for it from H.K."
Dec 5, 2011
Dave Malcolm replied to Edd Kerkow's discussion Spektrum DX7 Transmitter
"Yep  The DX7 uses a 3 amp  240v standard fuse."
Nov 29, 2011
Dave Malcolm replied to Bhargav Gajjar's discussion Brushed motor control using AR6400 Receiver
"I cant see a problem PROVIDED the ESC has provision for a forward & reverse setting ( which many ESC's dont ).
Regards, Dave"
Nov 29, 2011