MAPIR Survey2 cameras

Wondering if anyone has had a chance to see results from the new Survey2 cameras from MAPIR?

I am aware of all the cons of using a GoPro sized sensor for accurate NDVI but they have to be useful for smaller drones for some applications?

Mapir Survey 2

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  • Hello! Has anyone done real tests of Vegetation Indices with Mapir 3 and its radiometric calibration panel?

    Thank you


  • I just know that I purchased the v1 MAPIRs just a few days before the release of the new ones, and I won't get anything from them anymore.

    • I'm interested too. The quality and reliability of the result is still a question mark for me, since I'm going to process the surveys over the next days both with Photoscan Pro and Pix4D.
    • Sounds interesting, report back!


    • Related to them not telling you about the new ones? Or the quality of the product?

    • Actually both.

      They would have been more honest asking for a pre-sale payment and waiting for the new release.

      About the quality, it's very (too much) limiting the 3 seconds time-lapse shooting, without any possibility to remote control the cameras from the flight control to shoot according to the survey requirements.

    • Got it. Yeah those are the reasons I didn't try out the first ones. Looks like PWM trigger option is response to feedback. Still have questions about delay and min time between photos through trigger mode, which I will direct to MAPIR.

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