What software are people using to stitch photos together?

I am new at this, and so far have not been able to determine what software is being used or recommended.  Most of the software I find is either to do panorama's or heavy duty 3D.  I assume Agisoft works, but is expensive.

Georeferenced or not? 

Where is the GPS data coming from, camera, or autopilot-gps?


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    Check out http://dronemapper.com/

  • Thanks for the replies. Yes, it is for crops, corn and beans. I am trying to help someone who is just starting out on this, so nothing too fancy or complicated yet.  I was under the impression that ICE would not work.  I will try that and see how it goes.

    Thanks again.

  • Since this thread is in the Agricultural UAV Discussions group, I assume you want to look at crops or similar applications. For accurate brightness value results when calculating an NDVI etc., you need more than simply stitching the images, you need to compensate for the variations in brightness values caused by the variations in light angle between the light source (the sun), the object on the ground, and the camera. These variations are more important in typical UAV flights, compared to traditional aerial photography, due to the low altitude and wide angle lenses we use. To overcome the problem you need to have lots of redundancy in your imagery, so that every point on the ground is covered by multiple images taken from many different angles. You then use the average brightness value for each point for calculation of the vegetation index. Agisoft does this whole process well (except for the NDVI calculation, for which we use AgPixel), but whatever software you end up using, it will be important to have the ability to produce an averaged orthophoto. Without that you will be limited in your ability to do accurate quantitative assessments.

    • Hi Deon,

      For Agpixel , how do you create Mosaics ? . I saw it works only image by image and can't perform the Mosaic.

      Which params. do you use for your NDVI calculations ? - there are many in Agpixel.

      Which camera are you using ? I have a SX360 Converted to NIR, and flying on a Skywalker.


      David Behr

    • Gegroet uit 'n warm RSA Deon!  (Blyderivier, ou Oos Transvaal nou Mpumalanga).  I'm planning to use Agpixel for NDVI. Will the Agisoft Standard adition be sufficient if I only use it to stich the images? Groete


    • Hey Christo, lekker om Afrikaans te sien!

      Yeah, that is the way we use it. Agisoft for buiding the 3D model (Pix4D is another option), followed by an orthophoto with averaged reflectance values. Deriving a vegetation index and data sampling then takes place in AgPixel.

      BTW, we are doing a lot of work in AgPixel to add more tools targeted at ag-applications.


  • I have been using Microsoft ICE

    its free, and can work off videos or photos...

    The interface is basic but its easy to use


  • I use a quite expensive software called photoscan for work, if you send through your photos I can stitch them together for you if you'd like?
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