Commercial use of drones in farms and other agriculture

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    I'd like to hear on this as well. Also, I'm working on fixing some positioning of my telemetry module on one of the aircraft-I lose telemetry within a small come directly in front of it. In that situation, will I be able to add GPS data to the .EXIF from the onboard data logs, since the telemetry file won't be accurate?
  • Most 5.4mm GoPro replacement lenses are 10MP. 3 sec can be useful at the right speed and altitude so I personally think it's still on the table as a gopro substitute. Emailed them I will update with reply.
  • Only 12MP and 3 sec per picture. Not really great specs for a dedicated mapping camera. 

  • @Mike T I am very interested in knowing this as well. Looks like the dual solo mounts are sold out so that means... something. I wonder if the fixed mounts account for the forward lean of solo while it's flying? If you find out more please post a blog. Cheers!
  • Has anyone used these MAPIR cameras for NDIV mapping? Any possible issues ? I noticed they are just hard mounted, does anyone find a gimbal produces better results, or just allow enough overlap to alleviate any distortion?

  • What would be a good equipment for NDVI + IR + Regular photo all in one so that i do not have to fly again and again for same area

  • Heck I have some Long Wave Infrared cameras coming under $600 complete with f/1.2 lens. They are going to vineyards in drought areas so they can measure the stress on their grapes from the drought.

    What camera would that be?

  • GoPro's, again consumer grade cameras, not real good quality stuff, a bit over priced if you ask me for what you get. But hey, they have a marketing machine!!

    The Long Wave Infrared cameras would be excellent for firefighters, especially locating hot spots, people, wire inspection, in the field looking for animals that could be in danger, people in danger in areas that may be in a fire wake.

    There are uses in Ag for the LWIR cameras, but most is in the Visible and Short Wave Infrared(400-1700nm).

    Sure lets talk, send me a direct email:

    I will reply to set up a time and date.

  • Ok, now the problem is allmost the standard. I would say Vega is right, maybe you are reachiching the lifetime of your sensor.

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    Well if you have some recommendations for replacements <$1k, I'd love to look into all of them. I've been spending all afternoon looking at the adapted GoPros, JUST because I want something that is very durable.

    I'm not dealing with people that are willing to spend much for NDVI, and only 9% of them have the equipment in place to take advantage of shapefiles and management zones.

    Basically, I'm building the platforms to be used for firefighting....the agriculture side is just to generate a little revenue for the few people in the area that will take advantage of it. If the service is popular after next year's growing season, I'll make more of an effort to get better sensors.  

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