New AndroPilot Android GCS release 1.1.01

Some really good improvements - interested in any feedback:

# 1.1.01
* We now register as a handler for .wpt/.txt files so users can click on those file types and upload waypoints to the vehicle
* Parameter list updates are now much faster
* Waypoint list updates are now much faster
* I've double checked that setting waypoint type works - if you see a problem, please post in the group
* Properly update the mode menu for vehicle type if app is already running when vehicle connects
* We now show a dropdown menu to choose named parameter values

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  • Still the download of Parameters is too slow to work (Galaxy Note II 4.1.2)

    Works well through UDP.

    Hoping at some point will work fine with the 3DR dongle/Direct connection to APM

  • Hi, would you be able to add bluetooth connection support: My Android Galaxy S Duos phone doesn't work with OTG and bluetooth should be great to bridge the connection between Xbee and the phone. Thanks!

  • Great update Kevin. I will test when I am back in town - currently in China last 2 1/2 weeks....


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