This should address a few misc requests - but I've only tested with the simulator.  I've been moving so I don't currently have a plane or quad to test with.  Can someone please give this (low risk) release a shot and tell me if it works for them?  Once I hear such a report I'll promote it to google play - for now I'm just putting up on github:

It seems like this app is now pretty mature, so I haven't been needing to do many releases (working on a cool new drone scripting project)

# 1.4.18
* change ground color on horizon to brown
* refetch waypoints (including Home) whenever vehicle gets rearmed
* Make joystick based mode changes work correctly on rover
* Properly handle MOUNT and DIGICAM configure and control waypoints

Next release should have:

* On screen joystick

* Anyone want anything else?

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  • Hi! I also have the Parameters problem... I went back to v.17 and it does correctly...

    I would love to see a page with PID tweaking, with sliders instead of putting the numbers by hand.

    Like this, but nice and clean and for touch interface in one of the panes:


    Thanks for the amazing software!

  • Hi all,

    I've installed the latest version of AndroPilot today and now I've problems uploading waypoints to the APM and reading the APM parameters. The HUD screen reacts normally to movement and the information screen displays the right information.

    When I connect with the Mission Planner on my Laptop everything functions as it should.

    Are there more people with this problem?

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem

  • hi, for next relase need improving the interface for setting PID parameters ;)

  • Developer

    ok - thanks for the reports.  It seems okay, so I just pushed this release out to Google Play.  Should be auto updating in a few hours...

  • When replaying the andropilot recorded tlog files in mission planner, the signal strength is down at around 7%. If we connect the same telemetry module to a netbook running mission planner, the signal is up at 80 to 95%. Is this a bug?


  • Finshed testing a few minutes ago: DO_DIGICAM commands are now handled properly.

    The fetching of flightplan is occurring now only when armed, doing that also at startup may help.

    And there's still a funny thing: when it reaches the last waypoint of the plan,  it announces: "Waypoint 65536" :-)

    Aside the current monitoring (will open the issue on github to remind you) , maybe a clear indication wether the vehicle is armed or disarmed could help safety.

    When there is still no GPS fix, the map goes to the center of the globe, maybe it's better to point to the current device position.

    ...and I am sure I will ask for more features ;-)

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • Hi Kevin, will test it this morning and report back asap.

    Thank you for your work, it's really good and very useful!  ...and I use your Gaggle on my hang glider too :-)

    Is it possible to display somewhere in the vehicle overview the istant current consumption?


    (any way to pay/donate for the app?)

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