Hi ya'll,

In google play as usual.  Google now says there are >4000 users and a typical weekend sees about a thousand fire up their UAV.  Anyone need any features?  It seems pretty mature & solid so I've been working on other dronish software.

# 1.6.07
* Fix problem where screen joystick would not reappear following screen rotation. Thanks Steve!

# 1.6.06
* Joystick trim position would be set correctly only if you had a real RC radio hooked up - fix to work totally without radio
* Make sure on screen joystick can go all the way to zero throttle
* Fix a couple of new autobugs

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  • It would be nice if it was easier to change waypoint speed during auto missions. At the moment it requires scrolling to the parameters screen, then down all the way to WP_Speed and editing it.

    Others that might be included already, but I'm battling to find out how are:

    Being able to zoom in and fine adjust a waypoint position without the screen centering around home position, and

    Deleting all previous waypoints.

    Screen updates on the S3 still requires scrolling or restarting sometimes.

  • Sorry I was late to test.... Had to leave town for a bit (sometimes work gets in the way of a good hobby :)

    I like what rotating from landscape to portrait or vice-verse is doing now... in my case both instances revert control back to the transmitter. I especially like this because the stick positions might change just a bit during the rotation so it allows a "fresh start" on the Andropilot joysticks but am wondering how this will work when used without a transmitter at all. I really like the throttle, pitch and roll scaling now... the yaw is still pretty sensitive... not sure if that is a user issue or not yet... might just take some getting used to on my part.

    Andropilot just keeps on getting better and better!

    Thank you much Kevin,


  • If you take requests:
    A tuning screen with all the controller settings you can adjust would be nice!

  • Hi Kevin!

    Downloded this new version on my Galaxy S3 and now I am able to show joysticks on the screen.


  • Hi Kevin,

    I'd like to be able to see the distance between waypoints and the total distance of a planned mission added to the 'mission planning tab'.
    I also put this feature request on your Github page.

    Best regards,

    Jan Willem
    The Netherlands
  • What would be nice, (if it's not too hard to do), is to be able to configure the display units in the 'Overview' screen, with the option to set the indicated airspeed and ground speed to kilometers per hour or miles per hour.   (I've never been able to get a handle on meters per second).   

    Altitude in feet would be nice too, but that might be harder with the speech and all.  I'm comfortable with meters.

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