TLog saving without SD card ?


I have seen in the features of AndroPilot that it can save tlog on sdcard. I plan to run this app on a Nexus 7, but I need the tlog saving. As the Nexus 7 doesn't have the sdcard, can we save the tlog into the tablet's memory ?



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  • Developer

    Nexus 7 (and any android device without a real sd-card) saves to a virtual SD card.  So andropilot still thinks it is saving to /sdcard/andropilot.  Two ways to get files out of that folder:

    * Attach the tablet to your desktop PC and it should mount /sdcard if you've turned on that setting

    * Use a tool like "Astro file manager"

  • Moderator

    I was just going to ask the same thing. Had a quick look at my Nexus and they are here:-

    Nexus 7/ Internal storage/ andropilot/ logs

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