AdruPlane 3.4 crash in manual mode

Hi guys hope this is the right place to post this.

I am new to pixhawk and Adruplane, I have had a crash with my Skywalker using a pixhawk with fw 3.4.
I checked the control surface in FBWA and manual and all was good, then launched the plane in manual and all went well for second or two until I realised I had not control of ailerons or rudder and elevator, I then reduced th as it was doing a side loop and heading down to the group and new I could not control the plane. The rc rx came off during crash and think thats what triggered the RTL.

I also see there are EKF errors but don't get these when at my home. I also did a range test which on the ground was further than when it crashed but then again I could still controll th?

I have attached the log file could someone pls have a look at it and tell me what it could be.


2016-02-03 16-50-33.rlog

2016-02-03 16-50-33.tlog


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  • Hi Charl,

    r u using BEC in you plane?

    I had the same problem at the beginning, the pixhwalk died during take off and killed the rc with it.

    at take off the current is very high and can reached to a point that a electric cutoff is occurring.

    as mentioned had this and the BEC solved the problem. I use 10 amp but 3-5 will do the work.

    I do not use Zener Diode didnt had the time to install it (have it in a bag arrived from eBay and didn't oped it. :)

    Cheers Benny  

    • Hi Benny, thanks for the reply man.

      Yes I have a 5v 3A hobbywing ubec on the servo rail as redundancy input, coming to think about it I just checked and I also have my t motor esc red also going into the servo rail...this is probably not good.

    • I added the bin file.

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