I just installed 3.8 on a pixhawk without AS sensor and was surprised to find that Airspeed (synthetic since I have no sensor) was not being reported over Mavlink to my OSD....I am pretty sure that on a 3.4 APM system I had, it was being reported and the OSD displayed it....its been a while since I have built a system without a Pitot sensor....is this something that changed since 3.4?

I know its computed or nav x-track wouldnt work nor stall prevention....so why is it not reported now?

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    Hi Henry

    Thank you so much for this! I'm going to implement on my planes now.




  • This is resolved. I guess its really a Mission Planner issue. As of Plane 3.8, a new param ASPD_TYPE was added to select type. MP defaults to one type of sensor, in fact, it does not even allow NO SENSOR, although a 0 in ASPD_TYPE is what is needed for those setups. So, in my case, its reading a floating pin and returning 0, which also makes stall prevention mute. Once I set the param to 0 , synthetic airspeed is being displayed (and hopefully used in stall prevention).

    I requested a fix or enhancement to Mission Planner to keep other with no sensor from falling down this hole. Default or unconfigured should be NO sensor.

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    I've now re-checked my DVR, you're right NO AIRPSEED! See image.


  • This one: version 942 https://github.com/night-ghost/minimosd-extra/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

    Full rework of minimosd-extra with lots of news. Contribute to night-ghost/minimosd-extra development by creating an account on GitHub.
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    That's strange - I've been using 3.8.3 for a bit and it seems to work ok. What version of OSD are you using ?

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