Hey guys

              I recently bought and assembled the X5 which i have to say is genuinly a nice flyer, i added my own fin right off the bat. Flew quite nice :)

the only thing is after i tuned in the roll and pitch which i got to a lovely state I then did a mission. First with a basic rectangle which is tried to do but the NAVL1_Period was not tuned by this point but it made a fair effort.

I then did the survey mode, thinking that big long lines will show any weaving thus can tune the l1 period nicely. But everytime i entered Auto mode the plane flew back right over the home position and whent into loiter...Flight modes are manual,FBWA and AUTo...no loiter.

Is there something im missing? is there a failsafe i have to uncheck or is there some sort of bug that needs a fix? Very confusing, let me know if you guys can :)

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    If the X5 did not complete the rectangle mission and the MIS_RESTART parameter is set to 0 then the X5 will try and finish (resume) the mission.


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    You need to restart the mission. I suspect it thinks the mission is finished. Restart is an action command in all the GCSs.
    • How do you do this? could I save the Pids for the X5 then seset the APM? I have tried setting different missions in auto and everyeime no matter what mission it always comes back and loiters, If your correct that means its stuck thinking a mission is done even though it hasnt started it yet right? So if i clear APM that will fix it maybe? 

      I dont know haha,,

  • Do you have a Geo Fence enabled? I you fly outside an enabled Geo Fence it will do a RTL and depending on settings will loiter above "Home"...


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