Hi guys!


I completed quite long flight today which confirmed what I noticed while ago: when flying straight towards waypoint APM keeps plane rolled by ~7degrees.  Initially I thought that root cause might be wind, but todays mission was rectangular and weather perfect. During the mission roll angle was rather constant…

My roll controller is tuned properly what can be confirmed comparing nav roll with roll in log file. As you can notice problem might be caused by navigation controller which generates improper nav_roll command.


Besides that plane flies perfectly – good path tracking, correct altitude and airspeed during the mission. I leveled my APM as well… Any ideas? Please find my logs attached.


Tlog and rlog files are long, because I did not disconnect Mission Planner when changing battery. Representative flight begins at    84.5%




2013-08-28 18-20-28.rlog

2013-08-28 20-32 4.log


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