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kwijatkowski commented on Magnus's blog post Autonomous sail boat part two
"Do you want to write whole autopilot code by your own? I think you can modify Rover code for APM. BTW cool project!"
Oct 2, 2013
kwijatkowski commented on Brandon Basso's blog post Creating automatic mission plans for aerial surveying
"Very nice!!! I was planning to try mapping next season. Now it will be easier:) Thank you for your work!"
Oct 2, 2013
kwijatkowski commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Advances in airspeed handling
"One question: how this code deals with wind? In windy conditions it is common that airspeed does not match groundspeed. I do not want this algorithm to change parameters in this situation..."
Sep 18, 2013
kwijatkowski posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hello,Recently I managed to tune my APM installed in Multiplex Fun Cub. Since it flies quite well I'd like to share my param file with you - please find attached. My setup: 3s 2650mAh lipoRAY C3536/05 1450kvESC 50A2x hitec hs 55 (ailerons) + 2x…
Sep 8, 2013
kwijatkowski replied to azerty09's discussion low steering output in stabilisation in ArduPlane User Group
"Whats the plane? Could you please post param file and flight logs?"
Sep 8, 2013
kwijatkowski posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hi guys! I completed quite long flight today which confirmed what I noticed while ago: when flying straight towards waypoint APM keeps plane rolled by ~7degrees.  Initially I thought that root cause might be wind, but todays mission was rectangular…
Aug 28, 2013
kwijatkowski commented on Søren Kuula's blog post Externally accessible pins APM1 and APM2
"Nice Soren!! Your post will be also usefull for anyone who wants to modify firmware. Thanks for sharing."
Aug 26, 2013
kwijatkowski posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
Hello!I’m playing with TECS controller right now and found fine tuning to be difficult. Main reason for it is lack of documentation for this control loop. I’m wondering if Paul or someone here could post block diagram as it was done for roll pitch…
Aug 21, 2013
kwijatkowski replied to Ron Greisse's discussion APM2 vs Arduino Mega 2560 and ArduPlane 2.x software???
"Hi Ron!

In my opinion it is possible. I did the same thing - reviewed schematics and tried to upload Arduplane 2.73 firmware to my mega 2560. Code loaded succesfully! I think that you can connect sensors to Arduino board and save 180$. The only…"
Jul 28, 2013
kwijatkowski commented on Krzysztof Bosak's blog post 50km motorway mapping flight in Poland by FOTOMAPY
"Congratulations Krzysztof!"
Jul 23, 2013
kwijatkowski commented on kwijatkowski's blog post APM data logging - some ideas
I can understand performance issues. I'm not saying that all data should be logged simultaneously. My point is that, user should be able to pick every variable and log it onboard. As developer you can limit number of variables being logged.…"
Jul 10, 2013
kwijatkowski posted a blog post
Hi all!I’d like to start discussion about APM 2.5 and data logging. The reason for that is this graph:Looks strange doesn’t it? I created it using Mission Planner after some flights, but lets start from the beginning:)I'm new APM 2.5 user. I…
Jul 9, 2013
kwijatkowski replied to Senior Design 2010's discussion Error When loading Code to Main Board
"I'm facing ssame problem rigth now. Seems like software issue on my desktop computer.Working well on laptop..."
Feb 25, 2012
kwijatkowski commented on Owen McAree's blog post ArduWot returns to flight, Simulink in control
If possible, please share the code. It will be really helpful. Thanks.
Jan 31, 2012
kwijatkowski commented on Owen McAree's blog post ArduWot returns to flight, Simulink in control
"Hi Owen,
I'm wondering how it is possible to show telemetry data on movie. Did you use Matlab function or any external software? I'd like to do something similar.
Jan 30, 2012