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  • Nice project.

    Interestingly Your perception of using the term "model airplanes with autopilot", not linking them with drones.

  • Congratulations Krzysztof!

  • T3

    'Those are simple precision guided Orwelloplanes. Nothing to worry about.'

  • Great project!

  • Yes chris you are right.

    I think we have to be very cautious using the word DRONE as well as other vocabulary that is commonly used by military.

    In fact, since our usage is for civilian / leisure purpose, we should use non military vocabulary like flight-plan instead of mission-plan, RC plane with autopilot or autonomous RC plane instead of drone, etc....

    I believe that since drones have been used with installed weaponry and used for killing people, negative perception of the word DRONE has increased. Likewise, the recent NSA scandal is a big reminder of STASI methods in ex GDR or of G. ORWELL s 1984. Therefore, I think we have to change vocabulary.

  • T3

    Thank you. Actually given social perception of drones and possible outcomes, this is a very stressful business.

  • Congrats!

    You've done well in the meantime!

    Always enjoy your success stories.

  • Thanks for sharing 

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