Block diagram for TECS controller


I’m playing with TECS controller right now and found fine tuning to be difficult. Main reason for it is lack of documentation for this control loop. I’m wondering if Paul or someone here could post block diagram as it was done for roll pitch and yaw controllers (see ... er-tuning/ ). Otcherwise ill try to create it if you tell me in which part of code it was implemented. 

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  • Hello!

    Is there any documentation on the equations used to implement TECS?

    Also a block diagram similar to the one used at would be helpful to understand TECS on a more detailed level than just an explanation on the basic principle behind it.

  • Please share the magic difference you did to make it extremely good :)

  • Hello

    I'm Jae-Yeon Huh, Studying AeroSpace Control in CNU (in South Korea)

    I drew the block diagram of the TECS.

    Please check this.
    if there is any documants or referances of TECS, let me know

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