Arduplane Autonoumos Flight

Hi All:

I am buying the ArduPlane and my question is are all the tools such as software provided so I can fly autonomously? I am a beginner with this platform but have some pilot experience in Autonomous flight with other systems.

What has your experience been with the vehicle?



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  • Hi Ralph, 

    Yes, mission planner works great. I've also used the android app "tower" but I confess to not running auto missions in it yet. I also suggest finding a large open space to fly in so you can practice "falling in style" if you are a noob like me when it comes to flying. 

    Happy flying.

  • Yes.  You'll need to download Mission Planner (if you're on PC) or APM Planner (if you're on MAC).

    You should also read through the Wiki if you're new to the Pixhawk:

    Also, it kind of goes without saying that you should familiarize yourself with flying via line of sight before attempting auto missions.


  • Hi Ralph! Welcome to the community. As long as you have a plane equipped with an APM or Pixhawk autopilot, compass/GPS, telemetry radios, and all the basic RC components, then yes, you have everything you need to fly autonomously. You can choose between several free ground station software tools.

    However, if you're new to APM:Plane, you will want to take your time getting to know the plane and the autopilot and build your way up to autonomous flights. It is essential that your plane flies well in manual, that you understand the many different parameters and have them configured correctly, and that you tune the autopilot to your specific plane. It can be a steep learning curve, but spend time with documentation and feel free to ask questions here. Best of luck!

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