Arduplane limited servo movement

Hi - Not sure if thats a good title but here goes - I have built a plane with pixhawk and arduplane installed - all is working fine but I have one simple problem - When I move the elevator and rudder in stabilized mode using the sticks on the tx the surfaces move to their normal extents but if I run stabilize mode and move the plane around the elevators and rudder barely move to their limts (they move about 40% od the total movement possible) - they move some movement but not all the way meaning the plane turns or pitches too slow to correct and stabilize


- the plane is working and trimmed in manual no issues and stabilize works to some extent but why are the control surfaces not moving to their limits when trying to stabilize the plane?




Mark B


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    • Oh so you haven't flown it yet. Man first go for a flight then adjust the PIDs accordingly. You may need to go through the documents to better tune your plane.

  • Can you tell us what PID setting you have for Servos? Have you calibrated your radio in MP?

    • I've upped the pitch and roll to .500 to see if this made a difference - I think it made some so perhaps go even higher?


      Yes all calibrated and setup - all is working fine but I dont think the servo throw will have enough to bring the plane back to stable flight if it doesnt use the whole range of movement

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