Hi Guys,

I have Arduplane 2.73 on a plane I'm working on and it flies a mission quite well right until it reaches loiter altitude in home. Upon reaching home, it does a descending turn as expected until it reaches default altitude. Although, after it reaches default altitude over home, it suddenly throttles up, flies away from the loiter pattern, and maxes out its airspeed limit. This has happened repeatedly over different waypoint files.

I've attached the log file and the action happens at the 77% mark. I hope anyone can give an insight as to what the autopilot was trying to do. I would very much appreciate it :)



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  • I've just made a couple more flights today with different flight plans. It really does fly away once it establishes default altitude in home. 

  • Hi Serg,

    I had a quick look at your log. I noticed that the wind speed suddenly jumped from 3 to 45 just after 77%. the plane started losing altitude and continues to loose altitude as the plane raised its pitch and increases the throttle to regain altitude. The roll seemed stable at 25' as the plane drifted off course.


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