I'm running the latest APM code in a Zephyr II and it flies well in Stabilized and all Auto modes, tracking waypoints and altitudes great. In FBW-A however I can't get more than about 10° bank and very shallow climbs and descents. Had anyone else experienced this or have a solution?Thanks!

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  • Seth, did you ever find a resolution to the Issue of FBW not being responsive enough? I am still having the same issue on my X8.
  • I just maidened my X8 yesterday and when in FBW-B, I lost all control over the servos. I could steer the plane at all. Stability worked, but seemed to need more up trim than on Manual. I didn't try Auto since FBW didn't work. Where do i start? I'm looking forward to this discussion.
  • Developer

    sounds like your radio limits are not configured correctly, or you configured with high rates in the transmitter and now have it set to low rates.

    Cheers, Tridge

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