Bad Baro Health

I have a problem with Arduplane 3.x and Mission Planner. When I run Arduplane 3.x I am getting a "Bad Baro Health" message in the Flight Data HUD and when I run the "airpressure" test in the CLI I get a "not healthy" message. This only occurs with Arduplane 3.x and when I roll back to 2.78b everything behaves as expected.

1. These symptoms are identical with 2 different APM 2.5 boards and an HK Pilot Mini.

2. The 3.3v regulator is OK on all 3 boards.

3. The baro works fine running Arducopter 3.1.5 and Arduplane 2.78b and no fault messages occur.

4. There are 2 attached dataflash logs from 2 different boards and when the NTUN->Alt is graphed it is as expected showing the board being moved vertically

5. When "Scaled_Pressure" is graphed in APM Planner2 it displays OK.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

2014-09-09 09-40-10 1.log

2014-09-09 16-16-44 2.log

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