Can I use I2C splitter for adding Sensors?

I know that I2C splitter can accept digital sensors like Airspeed ,, Compass , GPS , Leds , USB

I need to add RPM Sensor to pixhawk , Can I use I2C for that ?

Dose the I2C accept any digital Data ? OR just special Sensors ?

My problem is that I need to read the RPM sensor data to the pixhawk and send it with my telemetry and display it in mission planner , 

Dose it possible ?

Any way to do that ?

After this step work , It will be easy for me to add Fuel Level Sensor and Temperature Sensor .

Hope I can find A way for doing that..  

Best regards.

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  • The TFRPM01 sensor solves the RPM measurement over I2C issue. 

    Regarding Temperature measurement, the TFHT01 sensor should be the solution to temperature/humidity measurement on the drone in flight.

  • in the parameter page I found this

    it's about RPM and it has :

    RPM_TYPE: RPM type

    What type of RPM sensor is connecte

    RPM_SCALING: RPM scaling

    Scaling factor between sensor reading and RPM. Increment: 0.001

    RPM_MAX: Maximum RPM

    Maximum RPM to report Increment: 1

    RPM_MIN: Minimum RPM

    Minimum RPM to report Increment: 1

    RPM_MIN_QUAL: Minimum Quality

    Minimum data quality to be used Increment: 0.1

    RPM2_TYPE: Second RPM type

    What type of RPM sensor is connected


    Is it what I want ? how to use it ?

    Complete Parameter List — Plane documentation
  • Your sensor would need to be able to communicate over the protocol  Then you will need to modify the APM code to communicate with the sensor via the protocol.

    I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), pronounced I-squared-C, is a synchronous, multi-master, multi-slave, packet switched, single-ended, serial computer b…
    • Thanks James,

      I was thinking in that point ,

      But I don't have an Idea about modify the APM Code,

      Where to start ?

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