Can't Reverse Aileron and Rudder

I must be doing something stupid - I can not get my aileron and rudder directions set correctly.  I've searched the forums for similar problems, but haven't seen any solutions with recent releases of the hardware (without DIP switches).

I'm using an APM2.0 board (says V2.4 on bottom) running ArduPlane V2.74b.  I've used APM flight controllers on multicopters before but this is my first plane setup. I'm flying a Bixler 1.1.  My FrSky receiver is connected to the APM via PPM input.

I initially setup my plane with both ailerons connected using a Y cable.  Using this configuration, the aileron and rudder directions were wrong.  If I went into the Radio Calibration screen and set the "Reverse" checkbox on both of these they had no effect.  I verified in the "Full Parameter List" that they had indeed set RC1_REV and RC4_REV to -1.

If I negate the output from my transmitter I get the proper control movements but I'm assuming that's bad since automated flight modes will have the wrong directions for the controls.

Thinking that giving the FC complete control over both ailerons might help, I moved one aileron to RC5 and changed RC5_FUNCTION to 4.  That resulted in the following behavior matrix when I push the transmitter stick to the left:

RC1_REV = 1, RC5_REV = 1 - both aileron directions wrong - reversed - left down, right up

RC1_REV = -1, RC5_REV = -1 - same, both aileron directions wrong - reversed - left down, right up

RC1_REV = -1, RC5_REV = 1 - both ailerons work in unison, both up,

RC1_REV = 1, RC5_REV = -1 - both ailerons work in unison, both up.

And there is no change to rudder output regardless of the status of RC4_REV and the status of the Reverse checkbox on the Radio Calibration page.

Again, I can fix all of this by having my transmitter send inverse signals, but this seems like the wrong fix; if I want to use any of the automated modes, I'd think the APM would need to know how to turn right and left.

Can anyone point me in the direction of what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Developer

    Hi Bruce,

    You need to reverse both on your transmitter and with the RCn_REV parameters. See this page:

    Cheers, Tridge

    • Thank you Sir!

      It seems in my setup here that APMPlaner2.0 is buggy, after installing MP from Michael Oborne was able to edit the fields relative to this problem right away.

      Still configuring but the machines behavior is much better now and looking forward to test flight today.

      I'm sure I will have more questions.Thanks very much for looking in!

  • Sorry

    I am have the same symptoms with my 3DR Aero.

    Pixhawk FW 3.0.3


    Jeti TX/RX

    Manual FC mode is configured and fly's fine, however all stab modes the ailerons are reacting with roll moments as opposed to inverse action, all other flight controls seem to be reacting properly.

    What was the solution to symptom?


    • 3D Robotics

      Ravi had the right answer above. Please follow the manual and reverse channels as needed in the Mission Planner or APM Planner. All this is the manual here

    • Thanks very much.

      In APM Initial Setup tab, clicking the reverse buttons seems to actually enable and disable that control.

      In Config/Tune tab the value for RC2_REV is 1, if changed to -1 a value of 127 is returned?

      Where have I derailed?

      THX for helping.

    • Developer

      Please try the latest daily build of APM Planner 2.0  from here as this issue is now fixed

      The next release 2.0.11 will be the next stable release with this fix. coming soon.

    • Sorry

      RC1_REV was ment not RC2_REV

  •  first set teh movement direction using TX only by keeping APM in manual mode. then switch to any auto mode and set correct direction using radio calibration tab of mission planner.

  • Never mind.

    I read the wiki for about the 10th time and finally saw this.  It's a difference between Manual and Stabilized mode.

    I'll keep this thread here for future reference.

  • An addition - I can fix the aileron problem by moving the two different ailerons servos to RC5 and RC6 and setting the reverse correctly on them (thus burning RC1 - making it unusable and wasted).

    But I'm still stuck at what to do with the rudder, it appears that can't be remapped.

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