Channel one and four OUT are not working.



    I am having a problem with my APM 1. Channel 1 and 4 OUT are not working. I have read everything and did all my homework. Everything else is working Mag,accel,gyro,gps,CH3,CH2......ect. Could I have burned my board by accidently plugging two power sources to the board at the same time? Any help would be great. I am trying to decide if I should order a new 2560 or not. Oil pan should still be good. Should'nt it????

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  • thanks for the input Vernon might just order me a mux and try it on my old board (need one for a boat project )

  • I guess I just want someone to say " yes you f!*ked up! " so I can justify ordering another board. I would order an APM2 but I got to much money wrapped up in my oil pan. mag, pitot breakout and xbee breakout. I know the APM2 has these features onboard but I have an aversion to the color purple. Why can't it be red ? lol.

  • The APM mission planner even shows that it is giving an output to the offending channels but I am getting nothing on the output signal pin for said channels. Even in MUX pass through mode (manual).

  • I did as you instructed and still no joy. I was hooking up a light controller from Dimension Engineering and accidently gave the APM two power sources. That's when I noticed the problem. The APM was working properly on all channels before I did this. Could I have damaged my board in error. I know the APM is very forgiving but I was in a hurry and very excited about my new lights. I wasn't paying attention.( my bad )

  • hi marion, go in setup mode and try calibrating the radio all 5 channels u are using again. the exit out of setup mode. and reboot the board.

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