Circle Mode during RTL mode

Hello all, 

I need your feedback and help, yesterday I was flying my airplane with APM 2.0 I saw in OSD that it changed to Circle mode, that was probably because a low Tx or Rx low signal.

 Since I noticed the mode change I move the switch and put in RTL mode. OSD show me that it was in RTL but later when the airplane was coming back it changed to circle mode itself. So I had to put in manual mode and flew it back to home as I could.

 I did other test and it happened two or three times more.

Each time that switch to RTL mode meanwhile the airplane was coming back it change to circle mode alone.


This sound real strange for me because I understand that when you change to RTL mode it has not change  the mode until you move the switch.

 Could you please help me understanding why this could be happened, in this condition the RTL mode is not reliable.

Thank guys...

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  • thank all  for the feedback, 

    Bill I would like to do what you have asked, I have bought the board recently so I am learning about it. If you don`t mine could you please let me know how I can get the tlog or log files just to post them. I understood that I have to put a micro SD in the board but only this .Could you please send me a link or some info with a procedure to do this ? (buy the way I was diving in the forum just to find this information)

    Richard, I thought that this could be the problem, I think that if I could send the info asked by Bill this point could be checked and we are going to have more clear data.

    Peter, very smart your solution I will focus in your suggestion  meanwhile we identify the root cause of the problem with Bill suggestion  in order to have a  more reliable RTL mode in this time.

    Thank you folks

  • Developer

    Do you have a tlog or log file that you can post? It would be much easier to see what mode changes where happening and the status of the GPS etc..

  • Hi, This may not be of much help, but i believe when GPS signal is lost, the APM defaults to circle? someone else could maybe clarify if that is the default behaviour?


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