Compass interference. Acceptable values?

Hi all,

I flew my skywalker for the first time yesterday. Sometimes while flying, the message "bad compass health"appeared

I attach graphs of 2 logs, throttle and Mag_field. Is the magnetic interference razonable? I think it isn't, but I don't know the acceptable values.

I'm using APM 2.5 with internal compass (didn't cut the trace on the board) and GPS. The GPS is on front of the plane far from the electronics, so I can cut the trace to use the external compass, but would like to know your opinions first



Mag_field interference2.jpg

Mag_field interference.jpg

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  • It was the telemetry. It was close the APM and the GPS and seemed to cause the interference.

    Now I put it far away and no more "bad compass health" problems!

  • Thanks Adam and Grant, 

    I will read those pages.

  • Developer

    It looks like you are getting a lot of magnetic interference from your throttle - more then is healthy and you need to resolve it.  Adam is correct - that page should give details of what to do.  This page may also help (note CompassMot isn't available on Plane).

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Hi Max,

    Read this page under compass interference.  This has been written for a multicopter though, so you should be able to do much better on a plane.  If you can't use an external compass for whatever reason, try having your APM as far away from your power cabling for your motor.  There is also an option for compensating for throttle or current, I've been told that current is a lot more accurate and generally this is used for copters, not planes, but you can give it a go.

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