I'm designing a Canard configuration uav, to use with APM. I know that only elevons and traditional control is implemented so far but, i'm am hoping the community can help me modify the code to add the necessary channels. 


I'm am hoping, eventually we will be able to set our own mixing in the ardupliot configuration menus, as i am aware there is room for this in the APM road map.


For example, if i can add an auxiliary channel to only act with the pitch commands I can hook it up to the canard, while keeping elevon mixing features on. 


another idea is to create a blended flying wing with a vertical tail hanging in the back, sort of like a manta ray (using elevons, and rudder only). It's just an idea but building the platform is releativly easy compared to getting the control systems to work. 


Is anyone else trying to set up similar platforms?. These would most likely be scratch built platforms, but the freedom of using a custom designed platform is very appealing to me(designated cargo space, calculated payload, a unique design), rather than buying off-the-shelf platforms. Also, some times cheaper if you know what you are doing.


My plane is only flying with elevons, with a fixed canard, and im hoping i can get that canard working to have more pitch control. if I add some sort of drag rudders, would I be able to use the rudder channel to controll the direction of the aircraft under auto mode?


any comments or experience with custom frames or APM will be welcome



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  • So does that unit fly?

    Isn't it interesting, quite litterally Billions of dollars are spent on streamlining and testing the aerodynamics of Jet airliners, and indeed Millitary aircraft, yet due to the Excess power we can pull out of tiny brushless motors we can get Bulky units like this (even with Big protruding GoPro Cameras) to fly without a problem...Go to love the laws of physics.

    Kind of reminds me of the movie from 1982 - Firefox, with Clint Eastwood, it and it was about a Plane that was developed that could travel Mach 5...but it had more square edges than the Ruler section of a hardware store...i.e.  it should have fallen apart at mach 2!

    Interesting parallel was that the Firefox was a Russian plane that could be controlled by a Neurallink with the Pilot...1982 APM here we come...:)

    ...Anyways - yeah me too - I'm developing a glider with 12 ft span, very unconventional frame and wing structure - hoping to further develop it for the OBC maybe next year or beyond.  Looking forward to getting some APM, onboarc CPU, etc gear within the coming months, and will unconventionally be building my frame around the gear...i.e I am only going to be sure of the Frame dimensions once I get every piece of gear I want to put on it:




    PV Plastic (Solar film)  on wings to increase flight time



    Camera(s) & Gimble

    Engines (3)

    list goes on...hence I can't be sure of my dimensions until I actually lay everything on the table and measure.

    Good luck with yours and look forward to seeing any progress.

  • Hi!

    I am very curious to know if you managed to pull this out :).

    It looks like a nice project and I am also planning to try the ardupilot with an unconventional airframe and I would like to know if it is possible or not.



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