Finwing penguin takeoff issues


i find it tough enough to take off my finwing penguin. Its balanced and i takeoff in manual. usually i'm on my own and if there is someone to help then they have 0 experience.

I dont really want to use the auto take off feature.

What i currently do is - Aim into wind. Manual mode - trim elevator up 100% and give it 50% throttle. then i grab the controller and try to add elevator and 100% throttle. 30% of the time this works. The rest it dives into the ground and eventually does damage of some sort.

Could i just use stabilize mode or alt hold mode under the same conditions - would this make the APM keep the plane level after throwing or are there any other tip that can get my takeoff skills to 100% success.

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    • Can you describe in detail how you launch?
    • Throttle up, then throw into the wind. APM will at least keep the wings level so you can concentrate on a bit of elevator to gain altitude, though FBWA will keep the pitch level if the plane has enough airspeed.

      I don't have a finwing penguin, but this approach works on my AXN floater (hand launch), boomerang and bushmaster ( both ground launch)
    • Would fbwb work?

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