Flap Servo Setup Question

Hi guys,

I'm currently running a Super Sky Surfer with this setup

Arduplane 2.73

4 HS-82MG for ailerons and flaps
1 HS-225MG Elevator
1 HS-85MG Rudder

CC 10A bec to power ardupilot, receiver and servos

My flaps are currently connected straight to the receiver with a Y harness while all other channels are plugged into the ardupilot. I initially did this to keep manual control of the flaps, not thinking that I could still  control them manually with the ardupilot in between. Is this a sound setup or would it be better to just put the flaps on the outputs? I'm asking this because I'm getting an unusually consistent servo buzz from the the flap servos (unlike the rest of the servos), even though mechanical movement is smooth and free. Could it be that the servos aren't getting enough power?


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  • I know this is not an answer to your question about flap control, but may I suggest that you get another UBEC to power your APM. You don't want any servos on the same power supply as your APM. I had a copter crash caused by a brown out and reboot.
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